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Development of qualitative evaluation methods for technical-thematic exhibitions

In this research project, a set of qualitative mixed methods will be developed to answer practice-oriented questions about visitors' experiences with technical-thematic exhibitions (perception, reception, use, understanding, opinions, social interaction, etc.).

Museums increasingly research their audiences and exhibitions, addressing a wide range of questions. This kind of research mainly serves internal purposes to improve future exhibitions. Thus, results and especially research methods are not necessarily presented to the (professional) public. The focus of this research project is therefore on the analysis and further development of explorative qualitative evaluation methods.


The core interest is to explore cognitive and introspective experiences during exhibition visits. To achieve this, the project analyses qualitative research methods used at DASA and other exhibiting institutions out of which fitting methods will be selected. They are to serve DASA-specific purposes and will be repeatedly tested in application in the permanent exhibition “Healing & Caring”. As a result, the project will compile an evaluation-tool-kit that aims to be adaptable to evaluating exhibitions of other institutions. The results will be made accessible in a PhD publication.


Marcus Starzinger, DASA Dortmund

PhD Supervision: Prof. Dr. Nicole Burzan, TU Dort­mund

Project Team

Annette Knors, DASA Dortmund

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